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Duck Fat Cooking Spray - An Omaha Product

OK I'll be honest with you. I know the owner of Cornhusker Kitchen personally. He's a great guy, an upstanding local business owner and does a lot for the community. In fact 6 years ago, when I first launched Entrepreneur Jr (the program that helps teens set-up micro-businesses, he was the very first to jump-in and help out. So even if what he invented was an absolutely horrible product, I would have still sung its praises. Luckily for my integrity what he developed is actually really great!

Think of Duck Fat Spray as a healthy alternative to products like PAM, but with ACTUAL FLAVOR. It's been featured in quite a few cooking shows and is sold in something like 6,000 stores nationwide I think (I just order it off their website). It has tons of uses, especially for grilling and they have dozens of recipes on their site, but I'm going to tell you my favorite thing to do with it.

About every ten days or so I cheat and make burgers for dinner. It's quick, simple and cheap. I grab a bag of frozen fries as a side and I'm done. Well the kids were constantly complaining about the quality of the fries, and for once I agreed with them. I've made fries from scratch in the past and the frozen crap doesn't even compare.

One of the times I decided to spray them with the Duck Fat Cooking Spray, and lightly season them before I threw them in the oven. The kids went nuts! They came out full of flavor and tasted more fried then baked, thanks to the oil coating. In fact they like the fries so much, they actually request it more than anything else. Keep in mind I'm not talking about the frozen Arby's brand fries. I'm talking about Kroger's $1.25 bags.

Anyways you should definitely try a can for yourself.

I believe you can use coupon code USA2 and save $2 off a 2-pack.


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