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How Smart Are You Really?

Industrial Escape Rooms on 138th & Industrial Rd poses the question. Not are you smart enough to escape one of their rooms - but are you smart enough to book one?

Escape Rooms are fun, they're an experience. They're intimate and the team play dynamic is the ultimate in bonding opportunities. When it comes to first dates, precious time with friends, or actual corporate team building - that's exactly what you want.

Patrick and his team at Industrial Escape Rooms has built 3 different rooms for you to experience, ranging in difficulty from "man that was hard" to "who's the smartest person we know that we can bring with us next time".

There's Moriarty's Parlor for all of us Sherlock Holmes Fans. Set it an 1890's London Parlor, this is their hardest puzzle.

Their second hardest room is Blackbeard's Treasure for all you swashbucklers. The premise is that you've snuck aboard the infamous pirate's ship and you have to find the booty before he returns from shore.

Their easiest - which isn't easy by any means - is the Sea Voyage. You awaken onboard a mid-century cruise liner to find that everyone else had abandoned the sinking ship in the middle of the night and left you and a single life raft behind - which you must find before Davy Jones claims the ship with you in it.

The rooms are all designed well enough that with just a little imagination you'll feel your adrenaline rise as you scramble to survive.

OK so the last bit to touch on is affordability. Surprisingly it's right inline with most other date night options in Omaha at $25 per person. If she gets her own popcorn - that's about how much you can expect to pay to sit quietly and stare at a really big TV. Don't get me wrong- movie theaters are a great date night option - but if that's your go-to plan for first dates - I can't imagine that you have a lot of second dates.

Omaha is rich with available experiences, and if you're looking for a fun night out, whether it be a date, time with friends, family or co-workers, you won't go wrong booking an Escape Room.

Industrial Escape Rooms is a member of - you can see their page here. I've spent some time with the owner, as well as several people that know him - and he's a stand-up guy, he's got solid business practices - he makes a real effort to be an active part of the Omaha Community and he believes as i do, that competitor means ally, not enemy.

Book a room and then share your experience in our Facebook Group - if you're not already a member - JOIN IMMEDIATELY - you've already missed out on so many events, announcements and prizes offered exclusively through Living Omaha.


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