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Noticing the Little Things

We've got an outstanding design team working for us. They spend so much time designing and redesigning pages for our advertisers, you wouldn't expect them to do too much extra - but they do. Some of our more observant visitors might notice some of the little things they do, that probably go unnoticed by most. The latest I just noticed myself. If you take a close look at our site's header you might notice a visitor flying over the Omaha skyline.

One of our designers, unbeknownst to me, drew Santa and his reindeer flying over the First National Tower. Now Christmas is the season to take stock and I just wanted to say, that this is what has made Universal Experts and our clients so successful over the past twenty years; and why I know that LivingOmaha and BigOWeddings will be a success. It's because we have a team that goes above and beyond. They know what we are trying to do and are happy to be a part of it. I'm the guy out front, so I'm the one that usually gets the credit - but nothing I do would be possible if I wasn't part of an amazing team.

Us business owners often feel like Atlas, carrying the world on our shoulders, and with good reason. But we shouldn't forget that we all have teams, whether in the office or at home, that help carry us while we carry that load.

That's all I wanted to say. Our offices are closed next week, so this is likely my last post of the decade. I'll see everybody in 2020 - Have a Very Merry Christmas and a Safe and Happy New Year's Eve.

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