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Last Chance to Visit Crossroads Mall!

Crossroads Mall on 72nd & Dodge Streets in Omaha is open through the end of the month. Allowing the stores time to liquidate their inventory and allowing you one last chance to walk the halls before it is gone to history.

The parks are closed, along with most other things, and the weather's going to be cold and wet.

This is a great opportunity to escape the confines of home in a safe (socially distant) environment and take advantage of some amazing deals. Cindy's Attic Antique & Collectibles has Buy One Item, Get One Item Free; and they're only one of a dozen stores. I was in there last weekend and got most of my Christmas shopping done already.

I spent some time walking the halls and reminiscing of time spent there in the early nineties. Hanging out at the arcade, dates at the food court, and of course Christmas shopping with family.

Mall and store staff are sanitizing everything constantly. So if cabin fever is getting to you, get out and take the opportunity of one last visit to our old haunt.

The absolute best part of your visit is that these are local small businesses - so not only are you getting a great deal, but you'd be spending your money in a part of the economy that needs it most right now.

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