4105 Harrison St

Omaha, NE 68147

(402) 915-4040




(Pricing includes 20 small items per person

and one large item)

Individual Smash     $50 per person

(1 person + tax)

Demolition Duo        $45 per person

(2 people + tax)

Smash Party             $25 per person

(3 people + tax)

Bring Your Own Stuff  $10 per box

(in addition to standard pricing)

Le Smash is Omaha's Very First Rage Room!

There's nothing funner or more therapeutic then breaking stuff.

Now we all have that one friend or coworker that really needs to reduce some stress, so grab 'em and bring them down here. They'll thank you. And if you can't think of anybody like that - it's you!

Got a hot date?

Be different than every other guy. Be creative, be original - break something!

Feeling Overwhelmed?

We're way cheaper than therapy and twice as effective - in my opinion.

Company Outing?

Bring your coworkers and your most hated piece of office equipment.

Bad Break-up?

Hey if they broke your heart, you should be able to break their stuff.


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