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Pick a Poppin Pickle and You'll Never Purchase a Processed Product Again

Poppin Pickles Smokey Serrano Relish
Staged Image. I keep my condiments in the door like a normal person.

In case you haven't noticed, we're cookout crazy over here at Living Omaha. Personally there's no social gathering I enjoy more than a barbecue. You're outdoors, everyone's found their conversation and the kids are running around, enjoying the one part of childhood that hasn't changed.

Now when I host a cookout, my meats are burgers and dogs. This website isn't nearly popular enough to be serving steak. But it doesn't matter. A $2 package of hotdogs is just fine if you have the right garnishments.

Enter Poppin Pickles

Matt and Staci over Poppin Pickles have come up with a ton of different flavors for their relishes and chips. Now my personal favorite is their Smokey Serrano Relish; it adds a bunch of flavor and makes your taste buds think you're in front of a big city street vendor.

Taste buds will vary, but luckily Matt and Staci will let you sample the flavors prior to your purchase of the popular Poppin Pickles (sorry peter piper has been stuck on a loop inside my head since I started this article).

Anyways - don't forget to pick up some pickle slices for those burgers as well. Poppin Pickles has everything from sweet to spicy, and they're sure make an impression.

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