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Omaha’s Bar for Dogs (and their owners)

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

Tucked away right-off of Millard Ave is the city's best bar for Man’s best friend. Yep! As of last July Omaha is home to its very first dog friendly bar. But more than just dog friendly – it's dog focused!

The place is "Barks N Brews" and it has an entire indoor section for dogs to socialize off-leash. Owners can stay with them and enjoy a drink, or sit and mingle with other pet-parents in the bar and watch their pups play through a huge viewing window. But Barks N Brews' bar section isn't dog free either. So long as they wear their leash, dogs are welcome in the bar as well. Like I said this place is completely dog-focused.

We sat down with the owner, Danielle, and asked a few questions we thought you might like to know...

Do I have to bring a dog?

NO! Just Love Dogs? Or maybe you want to check us out first. Either way if you're a dog lover we want you to come on in.

Can I just drop my dog off?

YES! We also run a full-service, kennel-free doggy day care in the same building. Not only do you never have to worry about your dog being locked-up in a cage, but we also have live web-cams on our site so you can check-in on them whenever you want.

What if my dog hasn't been socialized yet?

Bring 'em! After-all, what are bars for if not for honing our social skills.

What's on the menu?

Of course we have wine and beer, but our best sellers are our mixers, which we make in three stages. First you pick your "skinny syrup", then your mixer (tonic, as an example), and finally the alcohol (if you choose) or you can stop at the second step for a great tasting non-alcoholic refreshment.

Are there any entry fees to the bar?

The costs to bring your dog is only $5 - BUT - if you buy a drink, that fee is waived.

Where are you located?

We're located right behind the McDonalds on 137th & Q

Are there any forms to fill-out?

Yes - For everyone's safety and peace of mind we have you fill out a form on Gingr App, to make sure your dog is current on all their shots, and also sign a liability waiver, just as you would if you went to one of the indoor trampoline parks. You can download the app on your phone or just use our tablet when you come in.


Barks N Brews definitely has some staying power. I've only learned about this business a short while ago and still everyone I've told I could see their ears perk up and their tails start wagging (figuratively speaking). Danielle told us that the main concept of this bar was to bring pet parents together and give them somewhere to go when the weather doesn't want to cooperate.

For me, my sister's "fur-baby" has a birthday coming up in January and I'm going to see if I can get her to move the party to Barks N Brews - Honestly I can't imagine a better place for it.

Visit their page right here on LivingOmaha for more information - including hours and links.

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