13837 Industrial Road - 68137

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Are you ready for some fun and adventure?


Industrial Escape Rooms in Omaha offers a variety of fun adventurous puzzles and mystery-solving activities. It is an ideal activity for friends, families, co-workers and teams to interact and work together under the pressure of time. Find clues, solve puzzles and unravel mysteries in order to escape from the room before time runs out and you fail the mission!


Will you escape in time?

Or will you let the horror ensue?


M-Th:   11am-7:45pm
Fri:       11am-9:30pm
Sat:      11am-9:30pm
Sun:     12:45-7:45pm


A Sherlock Holmes themed room based on an 1890's London England Parlor. Professor Moriarty is expecting Sherlock Holmes to pay him a visit and has booby-trapped his parlor in anticipation.

Difficulty Level:

4 - 8 Players

Difficulty Level:

3 - 6 Players

You and your band of buccaneers have stolen onto Captain Blackbeard's flagship, the Queen Anne's Revenge while he and his crew are ashore. Escape with his treasures before he gets back or be forced to walk the plank!

Blackbeard's Treasure

Sea Voyage

You and your friends have booked passage on an ocean freighter not knowing what misfortune awaits you. Can you work together to solve your dilemma, or will you go down with the ship?

Difficulty Level:

3 - 6 Players

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